I basically told my wife I would follow her anywhere

Before I ended up moving to the North, I lived out on the West Coast and it was a pretty amazing life.

The weather where I lived was amazing all year round and you hardly ever even needed the HVAC system to kick on to be comfortable in your home.

The only thing you really needed was a good humidifier to keep the proper humidity levels, because it was a relatively dry climate. School was interesting because all the classes were in different buildings across the campus, but it was awesome because the weather was always nice. I typically would eat my lunch outside with friends. I still keep in touch with my college buddies to this day, but I live further away than anybody would have hoped. Still, that’s where I met my wife at college and we became unbreakable. When she said she was heading back to the North after we graduated, I told her I was coming with her. That’s exactly how that went down too. These days, we have a nice home with a handful of children and our friends always come out to visit during the holiday season. It’s always fun entertaining guests these days with our lovely fireplace and radiant heated floors in our home. Everybody always jokes that they always make excuses to come out more because of our enjoyable HVAC system. Typically we host New Year celebrations and have firework shows and everything! We let everybody crash at our place, especially if they have been drinking, we take their keys until they are sober.



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