I believed that almost everyone had zone control

I’m not sure if I was just naive or spoiled, but I assumed that almost everyone had zone control in their homes. Last week, I went to a friend’s apartment and enjoyed how charmingly warm her family room was. I requested to use her powder room an hour later. It seemed to get chilly as I continued down the hallway. I went to the bathroom and then returned to the family room because I believed they may have turned off the control component in that area of the house. I was curious even though I didn’t want to ask many questions because I had never been inside the house. I inquired as to why the back of the house was colder. She informed me that those rooms lacked air vents and that very little heat or air conditioning would likely reach them unless all the doors were open and the ceiling fan was turned on. She didn’t appear to understand what I was talking about, so I questioned why the zone control wasn’t functioning. I informed her that I believed all homes had air vents and control units in each room. She hadn’t installed zone control when she claimed that her father had built the apartment about thirty years earlier. Everyone enjoyed the cold family room, and nobody objected. She wouldn’t have a space heating system in the powder room if she didn’t want it to be warmer. I was completely perplexed, believing she lacked zone control. She chuckled and remarked that I was spoiled if I had assumed that everyone had zone control in their homes.

a/c rep