I blew it on the heat pump

There was something about the way I was going about the HVAC equipment replacement that sort of set of some alarm bells in my head.

This is not an uncommon occurrence for me.

I tend to be a bit aggressive and make quick decision when I’m inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. But that’s how that goes in our business. There are instances where you simply have to make the best decision possible and move on. But I have the inability to cut that part of my thinking off when I’m not inside the commercial HVAC of that building. When it comes to my personal life, I have to learn to be more thorough and get all the facts before I act. And when it came to the HVAC unit I bought, I really made a mess of it. The intention was to get all the information I needed on our next residential HVAC from the HVAC contractor. Then, I was going to find that HVAC equipment at a much better price. That was the idea anyway. But something kept niggling at me that I was making a mistake and I should have paid attention to that feeling. I did indeed find a new heat pump at nearly a forty percent discount and I bought it to be installed by our local HVAC professionals. The thing was that I got the wrong size heat pump for the air volume in our home. I’m still trying to unload that heat pump after the HVAC contractor installed one that met the needs of our air volume.

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