I can’t believe Frank’s air conditioner vents

I was easily shocked when I saw my friend Frank’s air conditioner vents the other day.

I went over there to try to help him out because he was stuck at job all day plus his dog needed to be let out.

I constantly try to help him out whenever I can, but I haven’t been inside of Frank’s home for a while now. Up until that recognizable day, I operated under the assumption that Frank was a fastidious man. However, when I got into our house, that whole system of his easily changed for the worse. When I went inside that house, I first noticed that I was having a hard time breathing. At first I thought that I was getting a panic attack or something all of a sudden. But then I noticed that there was some tufts of hair floating around in the air! The indoor air conditions in Frank’s home was absolutely horrible. The reason that there was hair flying around everywhere was because the air conditioner had just switched on. It was hard to breathe inside of his house, plus when I noticed the air conditioner vent in the family room floor, I realized why that was. The air vent itself was completely covered up because of all of the dog hair in it. I began to wonder if Frank had ever vacuumed his home in the entire time that he had lived there! I have never seen so much nasty dog hair in one locale before. By the time I went outside, there was dog hair stuck to my pants and legs, plus I didn’t sit down or anything. It was just from walking around.

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