I can’t believe I forgot to schedule my gas furnace tune-up

I just about kicked myself when I realized that I forgot to make an appointment for the gas furnace tune-up.

This is something that is absolutely crucial to have done every single year.

This actually happened a few years back and the heating system broke down during the winter. Fortunately it was an unusually warm day so it wasn’t awful and the HVAC technician was able to get out to our place on the same day. He was able to get the heating system working with no issues and he was saying how we were lucky it wasn’t during a time that was freezing with snow coming down. He also said to be careful and try not to miss the tune-ups every single fall season. Well, we got into the beginning of the winter and when the snow started falling, that’s when I realized I hadn’t had the tune-up for the gas furnace. So I immediately got on the phone with the HVAC company. Surprisingly, they didn’t give me a hard time about doing this while it was snowing. In the meantime while the HVAC professional was working on the gas furnace, we just had a bunch of portable heaters working to keep the home nice and cozy. I told the HVAC professional how it slipped my mind to get the HVAC tune-up scheduled sooner. He laughed and said this thing happens all the time with people and it wasn’t such a big deal. He said the important thing was that I was getting it done and not skipping it altogether, because that could lead to devastating consequences.

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