I can’t guess our sibling

Occasionally I just can’t guess our sibling and the crazy things that he does.The last time I went over to see him, I caught him trying to make toast with his electric space heater.

I told him that this was the craziest thing that I have ever seen him do before even though he didn’t want to listen to me.

I asked him why he didn’t just use his toaster and he said that since the electric space oil furnace was already warm, he just wanted to try and save currency by leaving the toaster turned off. I suppose that makes a little bit of sense, however only if you’re someone adore our sibling. He seriously has some problems with his ways of thinking, and that’s for sure. I certainly cannot even guess what I was seeing when I went inside of his house. Occasionally I suppose that he is 1 of the dumbest people alive. I mean, everybody knows that you can’t make toast with an electric space heater, however obviously our sibling has other ideas. I suppose the enjoyable news is that he was trying to save himself some currency on his eating bills, however the way he goes about things just does not make any sense. I suppose I am the 1 in the family who absolutely got all of the typical sense. I told our sibling that it’s easily dangerous to try and use gas furnaces for things that they are not meant for. He just laughed and said that he was perfectly capable of taking care of himself and making his own toast.
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