I could not remember the mess she made.

I was in Heating and Air Conditioning class with a bunch of goof offs, but most of them are pretty relaxing guys… The only thing I had a problem with was the one lady.

I could not know the mess she makes whenever he’s toiling! She said that there is always someone to clean up after him, and he’s the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman and not the maid. I could not know she was so crass. If he’s doing a task, she should be cleaning up after himself. This was the stupidest thing I had heard. I was talking to one of our fellow Heating and Air Conditioning students. The two of us were discussing about what a jackass Perry was, but one of the boys said it’s because her dad was rich, although she had to get a task. She wasn’t getting a penny until her dad died, and in the meantime, she had to pay her own way. Her own way was living with her parents, with her partner. The two of us laughed at that one, although I saw the look on Perry’s face. She had overheard our conversation. I walked over and she pushed me away. I told him that if she didn’t act so snotty and cleaned up after himself, she would make friends in the class, when she said she was there to be an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman and not make friends, I walked away. When I was walking to our car that night, Perry came up to me. She asked if I would show how to make friends. She had never had one that her dad approve of, but with us both being in Heating and Air Conditioning class, it may change her dad’s mind. I told him I would need to bring our partner and daughter. She said her partner would like to meet another Heating and Air Conditioning partner.


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