I couldn't believe I was using air conditioning on Thanksgiving day.

I went to my best friend’s for Thanksgiving this year.

  • Mom was sick, and she didn’t want me to get the flu since I was pregnant.

I was ready to go to the airport when dad called and told me it wasn’t safe to come home this year. I understood when he said they both had the flu, but I was sure I could help them out. He said to take care of his grand baby and he would see us for Christmas. I went to dinner with my best friend for Thanksgiving. She lived about four hours from me. I couldn’t believe the difference in the temperatures from my house to hers. I walked into the house, and she had the air conditioning unit on. I couldn’t believe I was using air conditioning on Thanksgiving day. I had to turn the air conditioning on in the car to get rid of the humidity. It was raining when I arrived, and it still felt warm and humid. My best friend said this was normal for this area, and I was glad they hadn’t stationed my husband on this Army base. I liked it where it was cooler. A little cooler air over the holidays is always better. We didn’t have snow and ice like they did where my parents lived, but we sometimes had snow flurries over the holidays, but in the afternoon; it was back up in the sixties. When I got to her house, we had a great day, but I couldn’t wait to get back home. It was dark and breezy when I pulled up into the driveway. I saw snowflakes coming down, and I was glad I had my furnace to keep me warm and to be back home.


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