I couldn’t know how high the temperature got last week

I couldn’t know how high the temperature got yesterday whenever we decided to go down to visit my dad in the southern part of the country.

  • I am consistently amazed that I was able to live down there back when I was growing up.

These afternoons, I just don’t know that I could live down there. The temperature is just too overheated there for my liking now. I know that the people who live there have some sort of super power or something in order to live there comfortably. It’s funny because back when I was younger and I was residing there all the time, I never really thought that the temperature ever got all that hot. I mean, it was overheated outside during the summer, however temperature was never something that I could not handle. It was just Summer to me back then, and I didn’t really even notice how overheated it was. I know that’s just how teenagers are most of the time. However, now that I’m older, I just can’t kneel the heat the way that I used to, and where I’m residing now, I don’t even have to use the air conditioning a lot of the time during the summer. The temperature doesn’t get all that overheated here in summer. But whenever we decided to go to visit my dad, all I wanted to do was kneel in the car with the air conditioning turned on full blast! The funny thing was that my dad didn’t even know it was all that hot. I know your body just gets used to the temperature that you live in whenever you’ve been there for a while. I never want to have to get used to all that heat ever again, though.

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