I couldn't take our eyes away from that crazy nose ring.

My granddaughters have their ears pierced and their belly buttons pierced, too.

  • My oldest granddaughter Bev also has a nose piercing and several tattoos, but you would suppose I was used to seeing people with tattoos and piercings.

All of these children have gotten tattooed in several stadiums on their body. When the young Heating and Air Conditioning specialist came over to the house, but, I couldn’t take our eyes off his nose ring. A small chain was connecting the nose ring to a piercing in his upper lip. He had a tattoo that went from his ear down to his jaw. A section of me wanted to laugh and goof on him, but I didn’t want to insult the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist. I showed him where the gas furnace was and headed back upstairs. When our oldest granddaughter came over, I chuckled. I told Bev I didn’t care how several tattoos she got, I just didn’t want to see it in her lips. Bev looked at me oddly, and about that time, the basement door swung open and the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist walked in. I didn’t think Bev knew the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist until she walked over and gave him a hug. Bev introduced him to make and said this was the young person she had been dating! Before I thought twice, I asked Bev if they ever locked nose rings? They were both laughing when I asked, and she said that she had gotten her lip pinched by his lip ring once. He now takes out the lip ring before they get too close. It’s crazy to think our mom was frustrated when I had our ears pierced.



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