I did it the old way

When my central heating and air conditioning system unit broke down last summer I tried to get emergency heat and a/c home services.

The emergency HVAC home services were not available as they did not have enough heating and cooling workers on hand to grant my request.

I was in a bit of a bind because I needed my air conditioning badly. It was over one hundred and something degrees outside and without air conditioning I would surely be dead. So I was thinking about going to a hotel or calling a friend or relative to see if I could stay with them for a few days until they could get a certified heating and cooling specialist out to fix my central heating and air conditioning system unit. Well, I then thought of another quite unique idea! I remembered that I still had my old window air conditioning system from years ago in the garage. So I went and pulled it out and installed it into the window in my living room. And what do you know? The window air conditioning system still worked as if it were back when! It ended up cooling my living room really nice to where I could actually just live in that one room for the next few days with just a few trips to the kitchen to get food. Sometimes the old ways are the good ways and can save you when you are in a jam like I was! That is why i never throw anything away if it is not broken. I am so glad I held onto my old window air conditioning system!
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