I did not realize I was late for the heating, ventilation, plus A/C appointment

I work as a heating plus AC supplier plus yesterday I had a genuinely frightening moment.

I take my job genuinely seriously plus yesterday I was several hours late for my job.

It was not something I was proud of. I felt ashamed to be so late. The way it happened was the night before I couldn’t get any sleep, I am not sure exactly how it happened but I was just lying in bed all night unable to get any rest at all. I couldn’t get my brain to shut down, I had a million thoughts buzzing through my head at the time. Finally, only a few hours before it was time for myself and others to go plus get up to go to labor plus service people’s heating plus air conditioners I had finally fallen asleep. The moment I closed my eyes it felt love hours had passed but it was definitely several hours. I woke up to see that it was 11:00 a.m. plus I had a few missed calls from my job. I felt so terrible. I took my job genuinely seriously plus I was supposed to be there 3 hours ago at 8:00 am! I had my alarm on my cell phone plus on my alarm clock set but I suppose I was just so weary that I slept right through it! Periodically I can sleep through almost anything it seems. I am just a deep sleeper when I get definitely weary so I had to set my alarm extra loud to wake myself and others up after I came home from labor that day. Luckily I did not get in any trouble or anything since it was my first offense plus I have a nice standing with my boss, but I was careful not to let it actually happen again plus I was able to go plus labor on people’s heating plus AC units love I normally do separate from issue.


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