I do not care about this

I am someone who likes to buy our own air filters for our central heating plus a/c unit.

At this beach house that I rent which is owned by a property management supplier, they force you to pay for plus take the air filters they supply for the central heating plus a/c unit.

I do not care about this! I absolutely care about to buy HEPA air filters or something close to it that are of the most top quality. The air filters they force me to take plus pay for have to be the most cheap plus crappy air filters! And they charge me more than they should be. But what can I do? If i refuse them I get evicted. It is absolutely horrible! I will not be renewing our lease when it is up. Because not only is this property management horrible, although I want to go back to being able to buy the good quality HEPA air filters for our central heating plus a/c unit! Wherever I may be, if it is not HEPA brand air filters, I don’t care about them. With HEPA air filters the air quality is much better plus also you do not have to change them as often. HEPA air filters are built to last while others usually have to be changed plus thrown out after a month’s use. Again, I do not care about this! Especially when I suppose a much better air filter solution. And that air filter solution is always the HEPA brand air filters! I have another year to go until our lease is up, so it is another year of forced cheap air filters!
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