I don’t think winter is nearly as bad as summer.

Over the years, I have worked in three HVAC companies in different parts of the country.

My wife is in the military, and we move to wherever she is stationed.

Being an HVAC technician makes it easy to get a job, but the weather is never the same. I have decided, however, that I like working in colder areas than in warmer areas. I don’t think winter is nearly as bad for HVAC technician as summer is. When you’re working in the house on the furnace, you are out of the elements. You don’t need to worry about rain or snow falling on you and chilling your body to the bone. Even though I may be in a basement when the heat is out, all I need to do is don my gloves and wear my heavy clothing under my HVAC uniform. I have to admit that when we were up north, I enjoyed going out in the snow. People are nicer when they know you’re the HVAC technician who is going to get it warm again. Some people get upset because it took so long to get to their house, but once they hear the furnace come to life, their anger is forgotten. When we were in the south, I had to be outside to work on the air conditioning unit. I sat in my service van waiting for a thunderstorm to pass, and the homeowner was angry. I was sorry, but there was no way I was working on a metal AC unit when lightning is striking every five seconds.


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