I dropped a space gas furnace on my foot last night

I dropped a space gas furnace on my foot last night when I was getting the Christmas stuff out of the attic.

It seems like it is regularly something with me.

I am regularly hurting myself in some different way, so it is no surprise that I am limping around after toiling in the attic all day Last week. I would undoubtedly be more surprised if I did not hurt myself! Since I was already messing around up there getting all of the Christmas stuff down for the season, I decided to go ahead & bring down the little electric space years that the people I was with and I keep in the guest room while I was in the winter, however for some reason, our guest room gets truly cold even when the furnace is toiling just good all over the rest of the house. I guess that there is awful insulation in that section of the house or something. Anyway, I decided to bring down the space furnaces & that’s when disaster struck. I was reaching across a whole bunch of other junk to option up the space gas furnace & that’s when I ended up dropping the space gas furnace right on top of my foot. It was pretty heavy, & I got the sharp edge of it right across the top of my foot, so it hurt like crazy! I thought I was going to pass out from the pain at first however then it just made myself and others mad. I threw it down & decided not to bring it downstairs after all. That was mostly because I was limping & I couldn’t carry it down the stairs with my awful foot!


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