I enjoy the car replaces and the extra turbo boost

I grew up in the ’90s playing video games on the playstation; One of my number one video games was the Need for Speed series, then i enjoyed those games, especially when they gave you the choice to build your own car.

I always picked outlandish and ridiculous options enjoy red paint with red swirls and red flames, then my car actually looked ridiculous half of the time, although I thought it was a lot of fun to change it up every once in a while.

I ended up buying an old Honda when I was 19 years old. It was my first car and the perfect car to turn into a street racing machine. I had to make a lot of replaces to the car in order to compete with everyone else. I wanted to race in the canyon with the other guys. I dropped 25 grand in replaces on my Honda in the first 6 weeks, some of that was on replaces enjoy tires, rims, tint tasks and custom decals, then the custom auto shop near me made a fortune when I bought that car. I am sure the guys at the performance and automotive customization shop very enjoyed me. One of the best performance replaces I had done was the extra turbo boost. The turbo boost plan was necessary in order to compete with some of the faster cars. I correctly have performance replaces on the car and I use the same shop. The guys think my car very well and I trust them to take care of my car enjoy it was theirs.

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