I finally got 1

I have been forever wanting to get a portable a/c idea for my home! And finally last weekend I went out and bought 1.

They are not as cheap as portable space heaters, so that is why it took me this long to get a portable cooling system.

I wanted to get this portable a/c because I heard you could run it to cool your residing room and not have to use the central a/c idea as much. This was exactly what I needed because I have been spending too much on weekly energy bills in the summer. The central a/c seems to be running all of the time and it is not a superb thing. But now that I have this portable a/c idea I can run it almost half the time and not have to worry about the extra high energy bills as a result, but portable cooling systems are possibly the best thing Heating and A/C technology has introduced onto the portable Heating and A/C unit market in the last 20 years. Portable cooling systems are a bit expensive, but they are still cheaper than running the central a/c all of the time. I am going to see how well the portable a/c idea does me in the next 3 weeks. I am hoping it is like I read and I will be spending half the cost on energy use. If it does not happen like that, I will at least save some money. And any money saved is money received the way I look at it.

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