I finally started losing weight after making time for my health and fitness

I know that I was struggling with my weight before the COVID pandemic, but since then things have only gotten worse.

I’m eating a lot of food with high calories and high carbohydrates.

After my doctor told me that my sugar levels are getting really high, I realized that I needed to take my health seriously. The first thing I did was cut all of the soda and juice out of my diet, as I was drinking at least four cans of soda and a few glasses of fruit juice every single day. Although this was a huge improvement for my sugar levels, I needed to take my dieting even further. However, it’s not always easy knowing what road to take on the path towards improved health and fitness. The P.E. classes in school were worthless for teaching me the sort of skills needed to lose weight and keep it off my body. It took joining a local gym and hiring one of their many personal trainers before I finally started to lose the sort of weight that I was looking to rid from my life. The personal fitness coach was really empathetic with my situation and didn’t judge me for my poor health and weight problems. He also taught me that it’s much easier to diet when you make gradual changes to what you eat, instead of substituting every single meal and snack with something else. He showed me that limiting portions of the same food that I’ve always loved can help me shave off pounds without putting much more effort into it than that. Between that and the cardio exercises at the gym, I was soon consistently losing weight for the first time in my life.