I got electrocuted trying to fix the gas heating system

It was a cold December morning right after the Thanksgiving holiday and our heating system had malfunctioned.

It had stopped toiling early that morning around 3 AM.

Since it was a holiday weekend, most heating corps were closed. I was getting super cold and because of it, all sleep had escaped me. So I took to the internet to try and find a solution. I also referred to the energy-saving help tips booklet that the professionals had given me. I could not find a solution in the booklet, however there was a video on the internet illustrating 1 of the ways to solve such an issue. I knew the gas had not run out because the gas fireplace at our neighbor’s beach house was toiling. All of us used the same gas line. The video illustrated the steps taken during a heating system/heater tune-up session. I used a long DIY brush that could genuinely go through the air duct, to do the duct cleaning, and once the Heating, Ventilation and A/C ducts were clean, I detachd the washable filters and cleaned them as well. When I was installing the filter, I felt a zap run through our arm into our heart than our head, and I was thrown about 5feet Noaway. I had been electrocuted by a live wire. It had reacted to our wet hands causing the shock. After that, I went to bed, piling up all the duvets I own. The gas heating system stayed broken down for 2 more nights until the Heating, Ventilation and A/C repairman restored the quality of the whole beach house heating. The heating provider also checked the boiler installation to ensure all was okay. I l gained to leave the beach house services to the professionals.


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