I got lucky with a handsome and kind HVAC tech

True love happens when you least expect it.

  • I was just starting to think that my new idea for the salon was stupid, and would put me out of business.

Then I met Max, and sparks flew. Thanks to him I am able to afford all of the upgrades to the salon that I needed. I don’t know if you have ever been in a beauty salon before, but there is a certain expectation for comfort when you go. Some salons give out free champagne, or offer massages while you wait. At the bare minimum, a good salon needs to have clean, crisp air quality and nice cool air conditioning. If a new customer walks into my salon and it stinks or has poor air quality, they will turn around and leave. Thanks to the junky old HVAc system in my salon, I was losing business. I talked to a few different local HVAC contractors, but the prices they quoted me were too far out of my budget. Then I met Max. Max was an independent HVAC contractor who worked for himself, and he was more interested in me than my HVAC system. I took a chance and told Max the bold idea I wanted for my salon. It would take a lot of work, but I wanted new ductwork, so that every workstation would have its own directional air vent. I wanted custom cooling for every customer, and Max thought it was a great idea. I knew all of this HVAC work would be expensive, but Max said “why don’t we discuss it over dinner” and the rest is history.



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