I got so mad at my sister

I got so mad at my sister the other day whenever I went to visit her at her apartment. She has never been all that responsible of a person and so I really wasn’t all that surprised at the state that I found her home in when I went inside. However, I was pretty aggravated at her. It was not because of the mess, though. It was more the fact that she had a space furnace plugged in in her living room next to the bed and she had left all kinds of clothing and other articles on top of the space heater. Not only that, though. She honestly had the space furnace plugged in and turned on with stuff sitting on top of it! I couldn’t suppose it when I saw it! I started yelling at her that this was a sizable fire hazard and she just looked at myself and others and rolled her eyup. I suppose that she is still too irresponsible to be residing on her own If this is how she is going to act. She is honestly reckless when it comes to things like this. It’s like she thinks that nothing awful could ever happen to her. Of course, as her sister, I hope that nothing awful ever happens to her however if she keeps doing stuff like leaving her space furnace on and putting things on top of it, something awful is bound to happen to her! I unplugged the space furnace and put away all of the clothes that she had left on top of it. Hopefully she gets the hint.
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