I had the heat pump sized incorrectly

There was something about the way I was going about the Heating & A/C machine replacement that set off alarm bells in my head.

This is not an unusual occurrence for me. I tend to be somewhat aggressive and make speedy decisions when I’m inside the zone controlled Heating & A/C of the office, but that’s how that goes in our business. There are certain times where you simply have to make the best decision possible and transfer on. But I have the inability to split that area of my thinking off when I’m not inside the commercial Heating & A/C of that building! When it comes to my personal life, I have to learn to be more thorough and get every single one of the facts before I act. When it came to the Heating & A/C machine I purchased, I easily made a mess of it. The intention was to get all the information I needed on my next residential Heating & A/C from the Heating & A/C business. Then, I was going to find that Heating & A/C machine at a much better price. That was the original plan anyway. But something kept nagging at me that I was making a major mistake and I should have paid attention to that feeling. I did indeed find a current heat pump at just about a forty percent discount and I purchased it to be installed by our local Heating & A/C professionals. The thing was that I acquired the wrong size heat pump for the air volume in our residence. I’m still trying to unload that heat pump after the Heating & A/C business installed one that met the needs of our actual air volume.



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