I had the most lavish executive suite

I run my own local consulting supplier and part of my service includes getting to know the full operation of my buyers and their teams.

This means, I practically work alongside my buyers on a weekly basis at their corporate offices.

Last year, I landed a very prominent contract with a major local advertising corporation. And the supplier proposed that I shadowed a few of their top executive employees over the course of 6 weeks. Typically, I would shadow and learn the operations in a matter of 1 to 2 weeks. So, 6 weeks seemed like a long time for me, even though I agreed since the client was so high profile. As part of this contract, the client paid for all my housing during town. And I was so impressed with the rental housing that they provided. I stayed in one of the most lavish executive suites that I’ve ever seen. The executive suite was situated inside a high-rise building in the downtown section of the village that I was staying in. In the past, I have stayed in corporate apartments, however none of them compared to this executive suite. The executive suite had a 24-hour concierge service, housekeeping twice per afternoon and 2 balconies overlooking a lake. Additionally, there were complimentary spa treatments, fitness centers, a lavish infinity swimming pool with a bar, a corporation center, and so much more. After staying at such a lavish executive suite, it was hard going back to the normal corporate rentals. I wouldn’t mind landing some more contracts with high profile buyers because they have such access to the best corporate rentals. Either way, that contract was a huge success, and the client was glad with the outcome. And I was glad that I got to stay at such a lavish executive suite.

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