I have picky kids, so all of us got delivery all the time

Both of our children are picky eaters… They have typically been very particular about the foods they like, and my child will only eat chicken if it comes in the form of a nugget… He won’t eat macaroni as well as cheese unless it comes out of a box that he can visually see.

My child is a vegetarian, and he won’t eat anything that has to do with meat.

She does not eat eggs as well as he only drinks almond milk. She’s been a vegetarian since he was eight, but i really thought he would grow out of the fat at some point, but he is twenty now as well as his eating habits haven’t changed at all. My oldest child Jack also has the absolute worst allergies as well as cannot eat particular foods, then when all of the kids were in high university, I had to order takeout as well as delivery from several bizarre arenas when I didn’t want to cook. It was a substantial pain in the butt to order online from several bizarre pizzerias, but there was no way our kids were going to eat the same thing, but now that the kids are grown up as well as live on their own, I don’t guess they are quite as picky as they were when they were children. My child is still a vegetarian, but he has even more dietary restrictions, however both of the kids don’t care about to cook, so they order delivery services from the numerous pizzerias in the city. I know it was costly for me to get the kids takeout when they were younger. I am sure our children are spending a luck to order food online as well as have it delivered to their apartment. I wish they would have l earned how to cook.

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