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The arena had been closed for almost a year due to some dispute over the property.

The up-to-date owner wanted to convert everything into a bar and eating establishment when everything was solved.

She approached our heating dealership seeking advice on the best heat and AC products she could install. She was sure she wanted an electric gas furnace, but the rest was up to us to guide him. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C tech presented the system of radiant floors, and she enjoyed it. She also wanted to have a wireless control unit. By the time she was leaving the office, she was ecstatic to have found a unbelievable oil furnace that would suit her business. When the day for the oil furnace/heater replacement came, we were in full gear, and we executed it to the best of our ability. The owner also made sure that we busy an Heating, Ventilation and A/C service system twice a year because she was a busy girl and likely forgot. She was so impressed with the work that she called us for oil furnace maintenance at her lake house and oil furnace filter upgradement. From then on, she became a official customer. If the boiler needed heating repair, she contacted us. Repeat buyers are a single of the main reasons the heating industry and services flourish. She even went as far as to provide us meal vouchers for the first day the eating establishment was opened. Such ecstatic buyers make you appreciate your task even more since you can tell you made a positive difference in their lives. A buyer appreciating your taxing work was almost as unbelievable as the pay, and it made up for some of the rude a singles.

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