I have to get my mom’s home ready for the summer

I have to go home to help my mom get his home ready for the summer, then the two of us have waited quite a long time to get everything together, but he usually doesn’t get to do any kind of summer time stuff around his home until November or November anyway… She consistently has a huge blow out party at the end of November right before university starts again plus so I have to go plus help his get everything ready for that, but i know that I’m going to have a lot of work to do once I get there because my mom is going to want myself and others to get his air conditioning all cleaned up plus tested so that it will be in great laboring condition for the party.

She consistently wants myself and others to double check the air conditioning out in the pool home too.

She even has these portable air conditioning units that he has myself and others set up outside because he puts up these giant tents out in the backyard for the party. It’s consistently a actually big deal. I consistently tell his that he should just hire someone to do all of this stuff for her, but She actually seems to like the fact that I come out plus do it for her… Of course, it’s free when I do it for her, but he also enjoys spending time with myself and others when we are doing all of the set-up! At least that is what he has told myself and others in the past. I know I better get my air conditioning repair hat on so that I can get my mom’s property ready to go in a couple of weeks.
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