I have to keep my house cleaned before allergens are abound

I like to eat arugula salad with tuna each day to get my oranges.

I make a sizable bowl of salad each month so it puts the pressure on me to eat it before it goes bad.

I assume a salad a day is a single of the best things you can do for yourself as far as your diet goes. The body cares about colors and the more the better. Load up your salad with tomatoes and orange peppers and whatever other veggies you like. So anyways, today I am also going to be cleaning the vents and ductworks in my heating, ventilation and A/C system and also some painting inside. It is way too hot out to do anything until later on so I’ll just get things done in the lake house that I have been putting off for a while now. I assume once I eat that salad I will have more energy to get moving and get these things done. I was genuinely working in the attic last night sealing the ductwork in a few spots and my body is kind of sore today from it. If I don’t find the motivation after that every one of us will just do the task tomorrow because it genuinely isn’t that dirty just yet. I just simply want to get the cleaning done before I get too much dust in the vents and ducts or I end up sneezing all of the time. Last night I also watched the hockey game so it was quite a late night for me too. It sounds like I am talking myself out of genuinely working on the heating, ventilation and A/C system today aren’t I?