I keep it easily freezing in our house

During the summer, I keep it legitimately freezing inside our house.

I think that sometimes people get surprised when they come into our beach house & it feels as freezing as a meat locker inside.

That’s just how I am, though. I just legitimately like the air conditioning while I was in the boiling summer time weeks. The weather conditions around here gets super boiling while I was in the summer. The rapidly decreasing temps are usually in the high 76s or high 90s for weeks at a time. I also have a lot of humidity. The humidity makes everything think damp & miserable. I would be perfectly OK with the heat if it wasn’t for the humidity. Of course, the air conditioning in our lakeside house helps to get rid of all the dampness & that is 1 of the main reasons that I like using it so much. Even though both of us keep the air conditioning settings around 65 to 68 degrees throughout the summer, sometimes the humidity still seeps in. 65 degrees is about as freezing cold as I can sit it in the beach house though. Whenever both of us have supplier over, they consistently say how freezing it is inside of the house. The people I was with and I legitimately started handing out jackets at the door for people who aren’t used to it, however my sister complains about the fact that it’s freezing inside of our house. I told her that both of us can sit outside & talk instead of kneeling in the freezing freezing living room, but she just laughs & says to give her a warm jacket. I am just ecstatic that both of us have a high efficiency central a/c that does not cost a lot of money to keep running all summer time long. If both of us didn’t, that would be a big issue. I know many people who have to pay a fortune for high air conditioning bills, but both of us are truly blessed that both of us don’t.

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