I keep my temperature control on 75 degrees, plus I find it comfortable

A few mornings ago, my sibling called me randomly at 1 in the morning because he needed a location to sleep for the night.

Thankfully, I was not asleep when he called, so I was able to absolutely accommodate him.

It was so late that I didn’t even bother to ask him the reason for the late-night call. I assumed he had a valid reason that my buddy and I could chat about the next afternoon. Anyway, when my sibling called, I was still downstairs, plus I had not gotten ready for bed yet. So, I waited for him to show up to let him inside my house. To my surprise, the first thing he said to me was that it felt hot inside my home. Now, I didn’t feel my apartment was hot at all. In fact, there are particular mornings where I adjust the temperature on the temperature control to about 75 because anything below that is too chilly for me. And before I go to bed, I will lower the temperature control between 72 plus 70 degrees. I find this to be the ideal plus most comfortable setting on my temperature control. Plus, I also use ceiling fans to circulate the air around my rooms, so at no point do I ever feel uncomfortable inside my home. But I guess my sibling is used to setting his temperature control at a odd temperature. Either way, prior to going to sleep, I told him to adjust the temperature control to his liking because I would’ve hated for him to be uncomfortable while he slept at my home. The next afternoon, he woke up before I did plus left, so I never asked him why he needed a location to crash that night.
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