I knew better than to skip the call to the HVAC company

When I make mistakes, I often chalk them up to a learning experience.

Without failure, there would never be any sort of achievement.

So, while I don’t enjoy making mistakes or being wrong, I get something out of it and I’m not afraid to be mistaken. However, when it comes to something like HVAC repair and making a stupid choice, it’s much tougher to swallow. This exact scenario happened to me this past summer. We live in a region where the heat pump remains pretty quiet this time of year. Thankfully, our winter is very mild and doesn’t need much heating. So the heat pump gets a well deserved break given the fact that it runs pretty much 8 months of the year. That’s because there is air conditioning demand for that length of time. But the summer, is a whole other animal. So when I came home from the commercial HVAC of the office in mid July, I expected to enjoy the central air conditioning of my house. But what I walked into was a hot, sticky house. Of course, my brain told me to call the HVAC professionals and have them come out to fix it. But my ego had other ideas and I skipped that call to the HVAC company. The fact that the HVAC equipment was still running was the thing that really guided my mistake. I thought perhaps I could poke around and find an obvious problem even though I have no heating and cooling expertise. Of course, I only made the situation worse and eventually had to call the HVAC professionals to come fix the heat pump. The only thing I got out of my adventure into HVAC repair was voiding the warranty on my heat pump.

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