I knew I could trust this AC tech.

I often wonder why I have stayed loyal to the same Heating and Air Conditioning supplier for the last 25 years.

They do tight work, however it consistently takes an afternoon or more for them to come to the house, unless it truly is an emergency and you will spend more money for emergency fees.

I have to disclose that the people work in the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier are usually nice and they do an excellent job. I knew the pros at this Heating and Air Conditioning supplier and I trusted them. The only beef I had was the 2 afternoon waiting period, or needing to wait for repair until a single or several afternoons later. I had a major problem with our furnace on Christmas Eve last year, and I honestly needed to get someone to the beach house as soon as possible. When they told me it would be after Christmas till someone could get there, I was not ecstatic. I had family coming, and I had no alternative source of heating. I knew I could get some section gas furnaces out, however there were several little babies going to be there, and they were walking or still crawling. A sectional heating system was not workable. The person on the iphone told me they would come to the house, however it was going to cost an emergency fee. At that point, I would have cared less about how much I had to spend our money to get our gas furnace repaired, I just needed to get it repaired. I knew the Heating and Air Conditioning pro who came to the house, and he was very quick to make all the needed repairs. When I asked him about the bill, he just smiled. He said the apple pie smelled fantastic, and I gave him a single for his Christmas dinner.

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