I learned how important it is to always service your HVAC

In the spring season when the weather warmed up a good amount, we decided to paint the outside of our house.

The paint was honestly looking kind of dull even after being cleaned, so we wanted something that made our home look fresh.

We chose the perfect color that seemed light and vibrant enough. It was just a light blue color but it looked great when we were finished! It was also nice to open up all the windows to let a relaxing breeze come through when the paint was done drying. These are the days I tend to look forward to, when you don’t even have to use your HVAC system and the weather is perfect. This is when it’s time to get around to that spring cleaning and arranging for other important things like having the A/C system tuned up. I remember one season when I forgot to do that and we ended up having the A/C system break down in the summer season on a miserably overheated day. It was a terrible time but fortunately we were able to stay at my parents’ home until we had an HVAC professional repair the cooling system. It took a whole 5 days to get the HVAC professional out to the house. Now that was a nightmare for us and there was no way I could afford the emergency HVAC services because they were way too expensive. I have learned my lesson from that experience and always have my HVAC serviced these days. I’m also thinking about getting a new cooling system upgrade sometime soon, but not this year.

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