I loved working at the new HVAC companies.

My boss had recently spread out and he was now running three separate HVAC companies instead of one.

He asked if I still wanted to be his lead mentor, since I would be working in three different areas.

I talked to him for about three hours, as we discussed how I would have different HVAC technicians ever six weeks. He wouldn’t pull new HVAC techs into all three locations at the same time, but a few out of every HVAC class that showed promise, and I could do the training. He didn’t trust much of anyone for the mentor program, but he liked my work ethic, and the fact that I had nearly 25 years of experience. I talked to my wife, and she asked what I wanted to do. I told her I thought it would be interesting to go to different areas and work. New customers to visit could be fun, and working with a whole new class every couple of months, could be interesting. After an hour, I made up my mind to go ahead and tell the boss yes. I loved being an HVAC technician, and being head of the mentor program was even better. Six weeks later, he had an even better job for me. He wanted me to work as a mentor, but he was told they needed an instructor at the local college, for their HVAC program. He suggested me, which would give me the chance to choose which students I wanted to mentor. I was interested, but I knew I needed more time to mull over which position I wanted, if either of them.

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