I married a heating and cooling professional

After that chance meeting, we met several times again, and started to date

When I was young, I had the perfect idea of how my life would end up. I’d meet the most handsome guy after college, we’d get married and have 3 kids. The guy would go to work and bring home the bacon while I stayed behind to raise our babies. Sort of the 1950s life but with a modern twist where I’d have to be with the girls and also have a hobby. However, life isn’t a movie and can surprise you. I met Frank when I was 18 and he came to our home to do some HVAC repair work. We talked for a bit as I showed him the location of the faulty heat pump and he did his job. I was working on some tasks on the kitchen table when Frank emerged from the basement and said all was well with the heat pump. He was going to send the bill to my folks via email. So we said goodbye and he left. About 8 years later, I was in the city running some errands on a day off from work. Someone called my name and I was perplexed as to who knew my name in the vast city. I looked around and saw Frank, and for some reason I felt quite happy seeing him. We went to a nearby coffee shop, placed an order and sat down to chat. Frank was still working as an HVAC professional and I was a nurse in a hospital. After that chance meeting, we met several times again, and started to date. A year later I was married to a heating and cooling professional and he is the best person in the world.

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