I married the heating plus cooling guy

What I was dating a few different men I never imagined that I would end up marrying a heating plus cooling serviceman.

It just wasn’t something that crossed our mind.

Not that there has anything wrong with Heating plus A/C workers of course. But I feel I had regularly imagined the different category of guy however I will never forget the day I met what would suit me our future spouse. I started out as a awful day, plus that was only because I was having problems with our a/c. It was a really annoying experience because up until this point our AC had had a perfect history plus now it was broken down for seemingly no reason; Regardless I knew that there had to be a reason behind the breakdown plus so I suddenly called a heating plus cooling supplier to have them come out plus take a look at the issue, then when the Heating plus A/C worker arrives I could not help but to notice how attractive he was, on top of that he was really friendly plus he usually struck up a conversation with me. I have to disclose that I found myself completely forgetting about our a/c plus more focused on talking to the this guy that I just met. Was greatly relieved when he told me that our he plus AC system was absolutely fixable plus then he repaired it on the spot. I didn’t want him to leave plus I ended up getting his number plus the rest of the story from there is history. The best part of having the heating plus cooling serviceman as your spouse is that you get free Heating plus A/C services. The two of us don’t have our heating plus a/c cut down really often but when all of us do it is nice to not have to call anybody plus spend our savings costly repair fees! My spouse even offers free repairs for family members.


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