I met our local fireplace rep at the store

I met our local fireplace rep at the store the other day when I was standing in line at the grocery store.

I was waiting to check out & she was behind myself and others studying a single of the magazines in the check out stand, then both of us started making small talk just because I was interested in a single of the articles that was on the cover of the magazine, & the two of us ended up talking about what the two of us were doing for work that day.

She told myself and others that she works for our local fireplace center here in town, & I thought that was undoubtedly interesting because I have been in the market for a current fireplace. Of course, then the two of us started talking about gas log fireplaces versus wood burning fireplaces & how each a single has its own pros & cons. She told myself and others her thoughts on the subject & then she gave myself and others her card so that I could come in & talk to him at the fireplace center & see what they have available. She also told myself and others that she was a certified heating & cooling worker, which I thought was pretty interesting. Apparently, it’s a large plus to have Heating & Air Conditioning training when you are a fireplace specialist toiling with gas logs & fireplace inserts. I did not even realize that this was the case. I realized that I felt better about having someone coming to work on a fireplace in my condo if they had prior Heating & Air Conditioning training & even an Heating & Air Conditioning certification. I’m ecstatic that I met him at the store, & I think I will go in & see him later on this week.

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