I miss going to the old tea shop

My fave tea shop down on the corner had to close down because they were doing some remodeling for the new Heating and Air Conditioning plans inside.

I can’t wait for it to open back up again because I got used to going there each morning before I go to work.

I appreciate going to the site, and I am a proper patron there! Usually I go there at least 3 mornings a week before I head into the office in the morning. I care about to go in before anybody else is there. Usually I get my preferred seat right next to the fireplace in the corner. The fireplace gives the whole tea shop an entirely nice ambience, and it feels cozy and warm, especially on these chilly Wintertide mornings when the uneven temperatures outside are freezing, however not only does the tea shop have fantastic teas and donuts, but they also have entirely fantastic indoor air quality. They never have the heating plan turned up too high in the winter, and I have never noticed that it’s too chilly inside during the summer months, then for some reason, the temperature control settings are always just perfect. I guess that’s why I was surprised whenever they closed for the Heating and Air Conditioning plan remodeling. As far as I could tell, there was nothing broken or wrong with the Heating and Air Conditioning plan in the first site, but I don’t assume what was going down behind the scenes. Hopefully they will be opening up again entirely soon. Maybe they were installing a new air purification plan in the building or something care about that, but who knows, maybe the indoor air quality will be far better than it was before.

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