I needed window changes throughout the condo.

When both of us bought our home, both of us knew it was a fixer-upper, but both of us weren’t aware of exactly how much fixing it needed… When the general contractor came into the house, he winced, plus then he asked how much both of us paid for it, then he said if both of us paid more than $10,000; they ripped us off! I refused to tell them the price of the house, thinking he may charge us extra for the remodelling.

I knew both of us needed window substitutement, door substitutement, insulation, plus current flooring, but the general contractor told us both of us would definitely need to gut the cabin before doing all that work, plus as much as I hated to confess it, he was right.

The cabin was a complete mess, plus a lot needed to be done. The window substitutements were going to be worse than I expected. The original windows were in all sizes, plus it was going to cost more to have special sizes made than to buy window substitutements plus resize the window holes! Once the window substitutements were installed, I could not guess the difference in the house’s outside, but my wifey plus I were now eager to see what it was going to look like with the current siding. Suddenly, both of us were getting enthusiastic to move into our home, thanks to the general contractor. Our cabin was turning into a regular home, plus both of us told the general contractor both of us needed to move in even more suddenly, both of us wanted to be in before the holidays, plus both of us still had to buy the furniture, however all both of us had to do was measure how sizable a sofa both of us could buy,