I never thought about wear and tear

I guess I never once stopped and considered the life that I was born into until I finally began changing my perspective a few years ago.

It turns out, there are a lot of ways to live besides the suburban drawl that seems to sink a lot of folks.

days. You don’t have to buy the newest, fanciest gadgets all the time. You don’t need a massive house. And you don’t even require the amount of daily comfort that we toil to provide for ourselves. Case and point? The indoor air quality control system that most of us operate. Have you been using a central heating and cooling setup your whole life? Because it turns out that indoor air quality control systems do not need to be as intensive and wasteful as we’ve made them out to be. I mean, it makes no sense when you really consider the benefits that we receive from HVAC systems in our lives. Not only is there the cost of the HVAC devices, in the first place… but then you have to pay for seemingly endless professional maintenance on every furnace or AC unit you purchase for the decade-long lifetime of the heating, cooling, and ventilation device. If you forget professional service appointments, you’re going to be paying a ton in electricity. I figured all of this out the hard way when my HVAC System started putting out unevenly tempered, smelly indoor air a few years ago. I realized that I had never called an HVAC service before. My HVAC devices were ineffectively handling the indoor air, the systems were barely changing the temperature, and my ducts were in shambles. After I got done with the massive HVAC overhaul, I was better off buying a whole new air handling system.

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