I paid the air conditioning bills when my mom was sick

When my mom was sick last year, I paid the air conditioning bills for her while she was out of work. She had to get some surgery done, and she ended up being out of work for about 3 months. During that time, it was in the summer. The weather outside was really hot, and there was no way that we would be able to live comfortably in our little house without our air conditioning. I knew that my mom would not be comfortable during her convalescence. As she was trying to heal up if we did not even have air conditioning in the house. She was actually going to turn the air conditioning off for the summer just to save money, but I told her that that was not necessary. That’s when I ended up going to get a part time job so that I could pay the cooling bills for her. My mom was so touched by the fact that I wanted to pay the cooling bills for her that she actually ended up crying about it. She said that she was so proud of me, but honestly it wasn’t all for her benefit. Of course, I wanted to help my mom, but I also did not want to live through the summer without air conditioning! I honestly did not mind getting a job. I had been thinking about getting a part time job for a while anyway. I made enough money to pay the air conditioning bills for the summer, and I also was able to save some money too.

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