I prefer to use the HEPA filters

HEPA air filters are a special genre of pleated mechanical air filter, then these air filters remove 99% of all mold, mildew, dust, allergens, and indoor contaminants. Many air purification systems require an air filter, however they do not require these filters to be a high efficiency particulate air filter, so HEPA filters are better than others. HEPA filters have a better rating for trapping odd types of indoor air particles! I always use a HEPA filter for my air purification system. I have been suffering from indoor allergies since I was a kid, at times the allergies can be really awful. I have suffered for a really long time, but when I was an adult, I worked at a store with an air filtration plan and my allergies were practically non-existent. At that time, I decided to find an air cleaning equipment for my apartment. I started off with something really small for the bedroom, however now I have an advanced air filtration plan in my home that would compare to any hospital, dentist’s office, or laboratory. I found a job working from home, so I get to enjoy all of the luxuries of having a great air purification system all afternoon and all night. A lot of people wouldn’t pay all of the extra money to have the updated plan in the home, although I know for sure that it works and my health is much better thanks to the air cleaning equipment and HEPA air filters. I barely have trouble with allergies and I do not even have to take a pill every day now.


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