I realized how important our HVAC maintenance was

There is something about challenging periods in one’s life where you find out what is the most substantial.

This is a pretty significant factor when it comes to tough times.

I try to remember this while I’m going through an exhausting stretch whether it’s inside the zone controlled Heating plus Air Conditioning of the work environment or at home. When things are tough, you find out what’s essential plus it makes it easier to simplify everything, let go plus get through. For sure, the pandemic was a truly trying time for most of us. And I’m talking about the people who didn’t lose loved ones or deal with the worst of Covid themselves. That’s another level of challenge. For people who are fairly similar to me, being sent back home from the commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning of the office to having a job working inside our own air conditioning was very tough. Learning to do your work from home was pretty hard, however I figured it out. What was tougher was having our paycheck reduced plus the bonuses taken away for the course of 2 years. But I leaned into this economic stress by going through the budget plus reducing our spending. Then, I had to take a critically hard look at just what was essential plus what really wasn’t. I pay a certain fee to be in the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine repair plan run by our Heating plus Air Conditioning machine supplier. And that was an expense that I honestly came close to dropping. It’s not a nominal fee so having the extra money would have been quite wonderful. But the more I considered everything, the more I knew that reliable, consistent heating plus cooling is necessary.



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