I saw the sign ‘Honey for Sale’ plus followed it.

Mom plus I were travelling back from visiting family, however the two of us were looking for a hotel to spend the night when the two of us saw the sign, ‘Honey for Sale’, plus followed it.

  • The two of us drove nearly forty miles out of the way plus took so numerous turns, I was sure the two of us were lost… Mom was hoping the honey was cheaper here than where the two of us lived, plus she wanted to take some home to dad, but when the two of us finally got to the honey stand, the person was closing up plus said he was out of honey! I rolled my esure plus mom said she saw the honey in the wagon plus wanted to buy some, however she told him how the two of us had followed the signs plus were now lost.

The least he could do was sell her some honey to take back home with us. The person was nice enough to smile plus nod, he sold mom four quarts of honey plus several honey sticks. He also threw in some candy that was made of honey plus a honey cake. He said he couldn’t save it for the next day, and as he was getting ready to leave, I asked what was the quickest way to get back to the interstate. All the two of us had to do was drive down the road the two of us were on for twenty miles, plus the two of us would be back on the interstate about thirty miles beyond where the two of us got off. The two of us got back to the interstate in the same part the two of us wanted to stop for supper plus get some rest. Mom wasn’t hungry because while I was driving, she ate all the honey cake the person had given her.


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