I surprised my wife with a current air conditioning

Max and I surprised our wife with a more current a/c for her birthday this year, but Max and I still needed a current a/c for the house, but our wife didn’t want to spend the money on it.

Max has been fixing the air conditioning in our beach house over & over on an almost daily basis.

I know that this has been super annoying for him over the last few years because it’s like she has to service the air conditioning over & over. Every time that Max wants to do something like fishing or relaxing, she instead ends up getting interrupted because the cooling system in the beach house stops working. I know that it’s quite annoying for him, but both of us can’t exactly go without the air conditioning for any amount of time. It’s been a super boiling summer time around here & the temp has been in the high nineties for most of the summer. Max and I have to have our central air conditioning while I was in the summer time which is why our wife has to spend so much time down in the basement working on it. Max and I all felt sorry for him because of this & that’s how both of us ended up deciding that both of us would get a current system for him for her birthday this year. Max and I got it for him & had it installed while she was at work 1 afternoon, however when she came to the lake house & found out that the air conditioning was no longer going to be an issue for him, the smile on her face was so huge! I am so cheerful that both of us made the decision to get it for him. It’s the nicest birthday present that she could have gotten.

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