I Think My Robot Likes our Heated Floors

It sounds so space aged; I’m working on our iPad with our wireless earbuds, while our robotic vacuum cleaner cleans and our smart thermostat heats the flat.

  • Call myself and others old, however none of that stuff was around when I was a kid.

Maybe I can let you in on how our world was when I was ten years old. Both of us had no HEPA filters, or smart thermostat back then. In fact, all of us only had ceiling fans in our beach house to keep us cool where all of us grew up. In the winters all of us had to make a fire in the fireplace to hot the house, all of us didn’t even have a thermostat in the beach house back then. I had to sweep the floors with a broom and dustpan and then mop the whole beach house with a mop and bucket. Now I have this smart vacuum cleaner, with its built-in HEPA filter, to keep our beach house nice and scrub without myself and others doing anything except emptying its dust compartment once a week. I still scrub a lot of our clothes by hand because I wear such a limited amount of clothing in our flat. It makes it straight-forward for me. My hot water furnace only heats the water that I use because it is a tankless model, which saves myself and others a lot of money in electricity each month. I have a particularly simple diet too, eating mainly fruit and vegetables and rice. I have a gas stove which particularly uses almost nothing at all in gas to cook each month. It’s nice living simply prefer this and technology helps.

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