I thought we were clear about the HVAC game plan.

My husband and I had been discussing having a new HVAC system installed for the last two years. In between needing the air conditioning and needing the furnace, we were going to have it replaced. We saved for two years so we could afford the new HVAC system. We put all of our spare change back, and we also worked overtime hours. Last month, I was getting ready to call the HVAC company, and my husband stopped me. He told me he wasn’t sure it was the right time to have a new HVAC system installed. We had our HVAC system for twenty-five years. For the last two years, we had been fraught with ongoing repairs to the furnace and the air conditioning unit. I was sure it was the right time to have it replaced, but he was changing his mind. He wanted to know what would happen if we didn’t have the new HVAC system installed. I reminded him of the break-downs we have already had and asked if he will go without heat because the furnace would no longer run. I knew he thought I was being dramatic, but I was being honest. I didn’t think the furnace would get us through another winter, and I was ready to have the entire HVAC system replaced. He hesitated for a while, and he told me to call the HVAC company. I don’t know if it was something I said that changed his mind, or it was because he thought about what it would be like if we didn’t have a furnace. He wanted to make sure we had good HVAC, and the new HVAC system would last for the rest of our lives.

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