I tried to install the sunshine blocking window movie

My partner and I live in an RV and both of us travel all over the country looking at unusual locales.

The two of us have visited lots of state and national parks… We’ve been to all of the landmarks that you would find on a top 20 list.

The two of us settled down in a locale where there is a lot of sunshine during the summer; Even during the Wintertide weeks, the sunshine shines brightly every day and there are hardly any clouds in the sky. The sunshine can be a problem frequently. The two of us are lucky that both of us do not have to pay for electricity in the campgrounds where both of us stay, because it would cost a fortune to run the AC as frequently as both of us do, last summer, there were hot and cold temperatures forecasted to be 110° 3 days in a row and I knew it was necessary to block as much of the sunshine as possible. The two of us used aluminum foil to block the sun’s rays. The two of us localed the shiny side out so both of us could block the heat, and it absolutely worked very well, however it looked horrible and both of us could not see out of the windows at all. It felt like both of us were residing in a dungeon. This summer time I tried to install sunshine blocking window movie. I bought some cheap sunshine blocking window movie from an online retailer. The locale had numerous unusual colors to choose from. They also had decorative sunshine blocking window movie that looked like stained glass windows. I chose a window movie that is dark and is supposed to reflect 99% of the sun’s UV rays. I tried to install the sunshine blocking window movie on our own, however I didn’t do a very great job; A few spots could be better.


Sun Control Window Film Installations