I upgrade our UV air purifier HEPA filters every several weeks

I got into a terrible position where I had not only all of our utility & debit card bills on autopay, even though I also had products on Amazon that were set to subscription purchases every several weeks.

One morning I accidentally dropped into the red on our bank account & several autopayments caused me to get several separate overdraft fees, totalling $105.

I managed to convince the bank to refund more than one of them, but that still left me on the hook for $35. That meant making serious sacrifices this month regarding our purchases at the grocery store, as I had to come up with the extra $35 somehow. When you’re on a limited income, you can’t pull currency out of thin air if you are hit with an unexpected charge. Some essentials are extravagant enough. For instance, the HEPA filters inside our UV air purifier are literally $32 a piece, so I guess I’m delighted they’re supposed to last for several weeks in total. I can’t imagine paying that much currency every several to several weeks to have a disinfect UV air purifier. The HEPA filters in our UV air purifier are dense so they don’t get jammed nearly as fast as a normal Heating, Ventilation & A/C filter in an a/c or oil furnace. All of these filters are annoyingly extravagant in the long run. I don’t have the luxury of having a normal set of lungs that could handle leaving an a/c filter inside the equipment for several weeks or longer appreciate some people try to do. In the end, our indoor air pollen levels suffers heavily if I’m not replacing our HEPA & Heating, Ventilation & A/C filters when the manufacturer suggests.

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