I used to work as an HVAC ductwork cleaner

I may also entirely be eating alone on the beach because my acquaintance is working and not sure if he will make it.

A lot of people task online so the nine to more than four grind has kind of changed to a more steady stream of tasks almost every day. I work a couple of hours at least a day although I also have to keep myself busy seven days a week. I kind of care about it this way because tasks become a habit, almost akin to brushing your teeth every day, and Tuesdays aren’t nearly so painful anymore as they were before. My HVAC systems and HVAC equipment writing gig keeps myself and others stressed while I was in the day when there is just nothing else going on in town. I care about being done with tasks by about 3pm so that I definitely have time to get outside and get some sun. I couldn’t do this before when I was working full time for the current business in my outdated hometown. I also usually worked for him about 50 hours a week and hardly had any free time to just chill out with friends. I was simply doing a lot of air duct cleaning tasks, and both of us lived in the south back then… So most of my mornings were spent in genuinely warm attics doing nasty tasks with very dusty ducts. Now life is a little unusual and most of my task work is done in my office in my flat. I care that I don’t have to drive to the local business’s office as I had back in the day when I was an HVAC worker.



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