I want to change the seasoned dial temperature control

My apartment is in extreme need of an update.

  • Since I bought it, the only remodel I’ve done is in the kitchen.

The rest of it looks seasoned and aged. But, this wasn’t a massive issue when the youngsters were young. I had to focus on ensuring they had everything they needed. Between taking care of them and paying the bills, there wasn’t much money left to cover renovating the house. My youngest left for school, so now I’m thinking about updates. Even my seasoned Heating and A/C plan has been showing signs of needing a updatement. I’ve always stayed on top of Heating and A/C repair and repairs. This is why the Heating and A/C plan has been working for 10 years. But, now, the equipment is getting older. I also have this seasoned dial temperature control that I use to control the temperature in the house. It will cost me a small luck to replace every inch of the apartment when I do the math. But, I have no intention of tackling all of it at once. I have some fine savings and fewer expenses now that all the youngsters are away from home. My 2 oldest have also said they’d chip in to help with the renovation expenses. I wanted them to focus on their new lives as working adults, but they insist they want to be section of their updates. This apartment holds several memories for us, so I think they want to help preserve it. One of the urgent swings I intend to make soon is updating the dial temperature control. My son told me about the smart temperature control in his apartment, and I like it. This will be so convenient since I have to use an app on my iphone to control the temperature settings.


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